Computer starts up but wont after a restart

It started up fine but after I updated video card drives it wouldn't boot back up after restart and turning it off then back on didn't help. I'm having to leave it off for awhile like it has overheated. It had done this a couple of times before I updated drivers but I don't restart very often. Was gonna do a clean driver install to see if that helps or flash the bios of motherboard....

Any suggestions?

computer stuff :

intel 2600k
asrock extreme7 gen3 motherboard
Asus 560gtx in sli
16gb ram
ocz ssd aglilty3
toshiba 1tb hd

I can't spell.

-_- Restarted just fine after being on for 5-6 hours hmmmm I'll try after a cold start when I wake up.
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  1. Have you tried installing the old driver (the one that worked)?

    This kind of behaviour occurs with overheating or with poorly seated parts and may be coincidental with the driver reinstall -- if I were you, I'd open the case and make sure everything is seated probably especially the memory and the graphics card.
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