New build! Need help :)

Alright guys,

This is my first gaming build and I have some trouble deciding between some parts.

Here is my build:

Motherboard: Asus P8Z77 - Deluxe OR MSI Z77A-GD80

Ram: G Skill 16gb Ripjawz OR Kingston 16gb Hyper x

Cooler: Corsair Hydro 100

PSU: Silverstone 850w 80 Gold

CPU: Intel i7 3770k

Video Card: Sapphire ATI 7850 2gb OC Edition or His Iceq 7870 or Sapphire 7950

Case: NZXT Switch 810

HDD: OCZ Ssd 128gb Vortex 4 and 2 1tb westerm digital

Im going to be gaming and rendering on this computer, meaning i will overclock to 4.5ghz


1. Im not sure which motherboard to go with so can you please tell me which one will suit my system for gaming?

2. Im not sure what ram to use?

3: Whill my case be fine to fit it all in?

4. Is there any other adjusments i could make?
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  1. Forgot to mention i will be overclocking
  2. Anyone?
  3. i recommending copying links and paste them on your page. it makes it easier for people to look up parts that you had selected.
  4. Take a little bit of time and read the stickies that tell you how to post a request for help with a gaming system build. If you dont at least take some time to help yourself, no one here is gonna do it all for you.
  5. Sorry guys, i fixed it up and added links! Hope you can help me
  6. Looks good to me, see if anyone else comments.
  7. Ok Thanks ^
  8. Few more different video cards!
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