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I have a Corsair H100, great cooler for the price I got it at, I have 2 Ultra Kaze fans on the cooler right now, I was wondering if the Ultra Kaze 133cfm fans are better then the stock H100 fans, I know cfm is lower on the stock fans, but it has better static pressure then the Ultra Kaze from what I was told, But I don't think its true. Ultra Kaze's should out perform it if ran at 100% on both sets of fans if im not mistaken.

I'm running it in a Cooler Master HAF 912 and I have high profile memory so I have to move the H100 out towards the side of the case and use 4 spacers so it can get air properly. I can't use push pull config unless I really mess with the case. Push Pull didn't seem to do to much anyway on my 1100t.

Please do post saying "get a real water cooling loop" or of that nature. For 1 I got this at a steal at $40 bucks where I paid $80 for my H50 when it came out. And I don't want to worry about cleaning the loop or removing components with out desasembling parts of the loop. Trust me I have work on a few loops.

Ultra Kaze's I have on the cooler now =
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  1. Try it for yourself, you have all the fans you need
  2. Robi_g said:
    Try it for yourself, you have all the fans you need

    Its a pain to keep taking it off from the top of the case over and over, lol.
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