Sucky framerates with 6450

Hello, my friend just bought a new graphics card to go along with the integrated graphics on his AMD A4-3300. He bought an AMD radeon 6450 by XFX. He says he gets reduced framerates after he installed the card. EX: 90 fps in minecraft with integrated, 40 with 6450: about 30 in All Points Bulletin with integrated, about 9 with 6450. The list goes on and on. He hasn't modified his graphics settings at all. Can you guys help?


PS: here is his graphics card
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  1. sorry bud but thats a horrible graphics card and even if you where to do what your talking about and enable crossfirex you would get 1-2 frames boost
  2. yeah, but why is does he have a fps decrease? the 6450 surely has to be better than integrated, right?
  3. The AMD A4-3300 has got a HD 6410D GPU. That and a HD 6450, doesn't look good..
    What drivers is he using?
  4. The inbuilt graphics card is actually more powerful than the 6450 which would explain the FPS difference. Also to Crossfire 2 cards they need to be the same card.
  5. honestly what do you expect from a 30 buck video card 100fps 1080p in bf3?????? sorry but tell him you get what u pay for :(
  6. Thanks for the replies, I guess i have to break the bad new to him. Later.
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