6310i and PC Suite 6.1.017 and Bluetooth

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I use a bluetooth dongle (Sitecom) with Widcomm
I can set up a connection and use most PC Suite apps (such as Content
Copier) without problems.
But when I want to use the PC Sync module (to sync with Lotus Notes 6) it
says 'Not connected'.
The phose says it has a connection though. All other apps work.

So everything works fine, execpt PC Sync claims there's no connection.

My stuff: Nokia 6310i with OS 5.51. PC Suite 6.1.017. Lotus Notes client
6.0.3. Windows XP Home Edition 2002 SP1.

Can anybody help me out here?

Thanks, John
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  1. links?
  2. just change the network to which You use. then connect
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