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I am building a new system in side an older case i have that will hold all of what I need inside. The case it self used to be a gateway 310S micro ATX tower. I managed to fit 2 Delta 92mm X 38mm fans inside it. I want a CPU cooler that's going to fit inside this thing. The obstacle I'm seeing is how close the power supply is to the CPU mount area, its very close. So I know the stock cooler will fit , but I want very cool temps from this thing,,, the processor will be a Intel Pentium G860 Sandy bridge model (3.0Ghz, supports 1333mhz ram) 65 watt model,
i need an idea about a decent CPU cooler that is slightly cheap, reasonably well made fits my case room.

(Oh and by the way... I know some are gonna say something about the deltas being to noisy. They aren't that loud with the case side on, blow a ton of air, and I have allot of Deltas of various sizes laying around so why not use a few of them lol).
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    The scythe kozuti is a pretty good low profile cooler and it's compatible with socket LGA 1155 - I have it running on my old pc in conjuction with an amd phenom IIx4 and it keeps it cool for such a small cooler with an 80mm fan. Its pretty quiet aswell ( not that it matters consideing you have deltas) - costs around £22. Another good contender is Cooler Master GeminII M4 - I don't know how good this is at cooling but its around the same price with a similar sized fan.

    Hope this helps!
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  3. Hmm the scythe Kozuti seems to be a good one for what I need, the stock board coming out of it was an old socket 478 board with a 80 fan cooler on it ,, I'm going to wait for a few more answers but you might get the best answer for that idea. (not to mention I could attempt to fit one of My delta 80s to it just to make the thing more noisy LOL and more airflow on the fins)

    (and just in case anyone is wondering about the build itself here's the list....

    (Intel - Pentium G860 3Ghz CPU
    MSI - H61M-P31 Motherboard
    MSI - GTX650 1GB Video card
    Crucial - Ballistic sport 1333mhz 8GB dual channel
    Western digital - caviar blue 500Gb HDD.
    Corsair 430 watt power supply
    and Win 7 H.P)
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