Will this CPU Cooler fir on a MATX Board


I am building a PC and have been advised to get a differnt CPU cooler than the one that comes with the Intel Pentium G860 Processor becuase the PC will be running 24/7 and I want a quiet fan.

Will this cpu cooler fit on the MATX board or not as its quite wide and dont want it blocking off connectors or anything. Read somewhere it was very wide on a ITX Board but are these different to MATX Boards?

The Cooler: http://www.scan.co.uk/products/scythe-shuriken-revb-quiet-low-profile-cooler-3-heat-pipe-htpc-ready-all-amd-intel-cpu

The Board: http://www.ebuyer.com/344019-gigabyte-ga-h61m-s2pv-h61-socket-1155-7-1-channel-hd-audio-matx-motherboard-ga-h61m-s2pv
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  1. Should work perfectly fine. This is a pretty small Cooler so it shouldn't block off anything.
  2. thats great, thanks for help. Another quick question regarding fans

    I have got some xsilent fans from ebuyer, i ordered 3 x 80mm fans and 2 x 120mm fans. Now my case is a Coolmaster 361 fairly small case, I just wondered what people recommend on which fans I should put in, obviously don't need them all but were cheap so thought id get a few and some as spares.

    I've never built pc before so unsure on weather I would need both 120mm in or just one and a few 80mm fans. Basically what do people recommend, remmber I want it fairly quiet but will be on 24/7 so will need to stay
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