3350p vs 2500k

I want to get a new cpu to replace my celeron, and i was just wondering what performed better when gaming, the 3350p or the 2500k. I understand that the 3350p has a 200mhz lower clock speed but from what ive heard IB is better than SB by about 5-10% so would they perform about the same in games? I have no interest in overclocking by the way.
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  1. Most tests are showing that there is a 6% difference at the same speed. The "P" means that it lacks IGP (Integrated Graphics on Processor); while the "K" means that it is unlocked and is easy to overclock. So the fastest that are going to see the Intel® Core™ i5-3350P is equal to about 3.5GHz on the Intel Core i5-2500K. Which would be about the level of the turbo boost would boost the Intel Core i5-2500K with maybe 3 core runs. If a single core was running on both the Intel Core i5-2500K would be faster then the Intel Core i5-3350P.

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