How long does it take for a Video card to make its way into Dell?

When the 660m is released I want to know about how long to wait before it is offered in say Alienware, or anything really but do big companies usually take longer?

When I checked for example I looked at the 580m which was said to have been introduced in June, but on Xoticpc the laptops that featured it was said to be added to the catalog in September - Decemeber mostly. Does it usually take (big) companies 3 - 6 to add the option?
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  1. I always thought they get samples ahead of release.That way they have time to design it.
  2. Lenovo Y580 will have the GTX660m inside. Available at the end of April at around $900. Sounds too good to be true thou.

    Edit: looks like it will be available June:
  3. Yeah, they take a bit of time, I think that's usual, because after nvidia/AMD release a card, they need to design it and release it their own.
  4. The specs on that Lenovo can't be right. There's no way they'd sell that for $900. Also, 1080p on a 15" screen? No thanks.
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