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I just recently received all the parts for my new computer. I hook it up for a quick exterior test build and get no post beeps(sadness) , which means on my MB that its a bad CPU or bad memory. But the thing is i don't know which one it is. I tried almost all slot combinations for my RAM and it didn't work. I figure its the RAM because it seems to be DOA more ofter then CPU's. Advice?

Here are some of my pieces



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  2. Does your motherboard have a boot beep (system) speaker? If it doesn't, like many of the cheap to mid price motherboards do not, you won't be able to hear the beep until you buy one (I found one for our latest build on amazon or new egg for a buck or 4)...

    A way to test this is to try a very minimal build i.e. psu, motherboard, cpu only so no RAM -- if there are no beeps, then it is highly unlikely that you have a system speaker or that the RAM is the problem.

    You should of course go through the whole testing as outlined int eh link above.
  3. Yes it has a boot beep. Iv heard it beep before because i forgot to put my video card in and it beeped 5 times. I just dont know if i have dead ram or a bad cpu.
  4. How many memory sticks do you have? If you have a few it gets to be unlikely it is the RAM. Also your motherboard manual should say where to put one stick of ram -- try doing just that going through all the sticks you have.

    Did you go through the whole test as outlined in the link from unskol?

    Does the CPU get warm?

    Don't exclude the motherboard as the issue -- those are very often the problem.
  5. I did all the tests yes. My CPU doesn't get warm which why im pretty sure its not the problem. And as for the motherboard i dont know why it would be the problem because it runs the cpu fan and runs all the components. But how am i supposed to know what to send in to replace(like ram for example) if i cant tell for sure if thats the problem.
  6. Okay. I figured it out and im frankly embarrassed. My MB memory standard stops at 1333, the RAM i bought is 1600.... :chaudar:

    Sorry to waste yalls time.
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