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I'm planning to buy a new videocard for my IB build. I would buy a 7850 but I cannot decide what brand. I've narrowed down my choices to XFX 7850 Black Edition and Sapphire 7850 OC. So which is good?
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  1. The Sapphire is obviously overclocked, whereas the XFX isn't. Is there much of a price difference between both?
  2. Gman450, 'Black Edition' Means overclocked. The XFX 7850 BE as far as I know is clocked at 975Mhz with DD Cooler (Great!) and sapphire OC is clocked at 920Mhz with their dual fan cooler (not sure what they are called). I would suggest you to go with the XFX one because it's clocked higher (Doesn't matter if you want to OC yourself though, but higher clock is something you would consider when the price of the two cards are the same), Has DD (Double Dissipation Cooling) and Dual Lifetime warranty. But really, these are the same cards so they are not that much different, both card are well built cards from famous brands.
  3. I thought there was a separate OC'd one...
  4. As stated above, both are top of the line brands. However, I have heard bad things about Sapphire's Customer Service. Personally, I'd go with the XFX.
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