Is this card any good?

Hi, I was going to order this graphics card but, I have some questions before purchasing it.

EVGA 01G-P3-1556-KR GeForce GTX 550 Ti FPB Video Card - 1024MB, GDDR5, PCI-Express 2.0 (x16), 2x Dual-Link DVI-I, 1x Mini-HDMI, DirectX 11, Dual-Slot, SLI Ready

Does anyone know if this card Is any good for gaming? will this graphics card give me a better fps in games like league of legends and dota?. Also this card requires 400 watt power supply minimum and my power supply is 400 watts.

Lastly, I ordered 3gb of ram my comp currently has 1gb ram and can support 4gb max will the ram and the graphics card run properly on my computer?.
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  1. Give all your system specs. Power supply name is most important.
  2. 6790 is better!
  3. How do I do that do I just copy my dxdiag file and paste whats inside? not that good with computers sorry
  4. Or just list off your system.. And the 6870 will beat the 6790 I believe.
  5. Gtx 550 ti is garbage I don't recommend it although it's from a great brand.

    Corsair 500 watt psu $52 dlls

    GTX 460 1gb v2 $140 dlls

    Get those two things above and you'll be set. The gtx 460 v2 is only 5 dlls more than the gtx 550ti. You'll need a good psu to power the card so I chose the corsair psu. Dynex power supplies are garbage so that's why I recommend you toss it out.


    Did not see your system's spec and I now see that it's outdated. The gtx 460 will be slowed by that cpu badly. I'd suggest you get something slower so you don't waste money for lost performance.

    For your system I recommend a MSI GT440 it's 80 dlls which will work with your current psu
  6. don't go with 460,it's an outdated card.xfx dd 6850 for $130 is a better deal-
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