Z77/3570k hanging on Windows boot logo

Just built my new Ivy system last night after spending a weekend on a road trip to Philly PA's Microcenter, it was well worth the trip :D

Now, just as I was anticipating, I'm having some trouble...for some reason my system will hang on the Windows boot logo screen for 1-2 minutes before continuing to the desktop. I also noticed the installation of Windows seemed to hang a bit too...I don't know if it's the motherboard or the SSD I'm trying to use (same one I've been using for Windows 7 for about a year). Here's my system:

ASUS Z77 Sabertooth motherboard
16GB (4x4) G-skill Ripjaws DDR3 @1600MHz RAM
Crucial 60GB SSD

I also noticed during and post installation (before installing drivers) that having a keyboard detected was a hit-or-miss...could it possibly be something plugged into a USB 3 port causing it to hang? I haven't had much time to troubleshoot yet but I was hoping I could try some suggestions and get lucky.
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    Check windows device manager for conflicts, which will have a yellow or red mark next to any device that isn't installed properly. You may uninstall the device, reboot, and let windows try again to install the driver using the motherboard cd. Also be sure "quick boot" is enabled and lan boot is disabled in the bios. Be sure only one drive is set up as master. I always use only one drive when installing windows, then after installing, connect the second drive while windows is running so it will configure it as a secondary drive.
  2. O1die, you might want tosay "after Windows is installed" rather than "while windows is running" or people might start plugging it in while the system is booted into Windows.

    Just sayin.

    Also, I doubt the problem is inside Windows if the slow down happens before Windows is even loaded.

    OP - remove everything not essential (3 out of the 4 RAM sticks, the extra hard drive if any, any CD drives, anything plugged into USB you don't have to have, etc) and see if the problem remains.
  3. welcome to the forum..the z77 sabertooth has 3 bios updates that are needed before windows is installed. one is for cpu code update for the ib chips. one for ram (1015). and the newest one 120x for usb devices. use a fat 32 formateed usb stick and use the usb falsback on the back of the mb. you dont need to post the mb just have power to the mb. you just have to rename the bios file.
  4. Thanks for the replies, I've removed all SATA devices except the ssd I'm installing on, and I updated to the latest BIOS last night when I had Windows installed initially. Looking much, much better so far *crosses fingers*. The POST took a fraction of the time it took before. I'll let you know how it goes.
  5. also dont forget if you want the 1600 ram speed to set the ram to xmp under the bios.
  6. Ah, I didn't even think about checking the RAM speed, thank you for the tip! Also, I have figured out the culprit -- a dead SSD was holding up both the POST and Windows 7 loading (nothing was even installed on this drive yet). BIOS only detects 25/120GB. Can't even update the firmware on it; the Sandisk utility doesn't even detect the drive. But it's good to know that I figured out the problem!
  7. Glad to hear you got it sorted out easily.

    That is why I like to suggest simplifying problems first. Just like in math class, if you can take variables out of the equation it makes the whole thing easier to solve.

    Sometimes you figure out the hardest problems just by messing around in the computer and forgetting to reconnect some drive when you are done and then boom your problem is gone. It happened to me too.
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