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i have a dell lattitude d630 that i noticed recently that the onboard NIC is not reconiged at all. it doesnt show up anywhere i look even in the device manager. ive tried new the drivers from dell and even the ones from broadcom and nothing i still dont see any response even when plugging a router or modem . i have also tried the loopback test and it came up with no problems. this wont even show up on my other installs i have reinstalled win 7 32 bit with no results as well as win7 64 and it i also have a version of linux mint 13 that shows its there but cannot but thats the extent of it. im at a loss if anyone has any ideas please shoot.
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  1. It sounds like there's an issue with the hardware of the jack, and that will involve a motherboard replacement. So if the unit is under warranty, make a claim, otherwise if you know someone who is really good with a soldering iron, it's possible they could fix this by reflowing the joints on the jack. It's also possible that someone trying this who doesn't know what they are doing could cause even more problems, so keep that in mind.
  2. Skip all that, its dangerous. You can get a new NIC for less than $10. Fastest easiest way is to just get the card.
  3. thanks guys i was more so thinking that it might be the hardware and ive had this taken apart before and the entire unit just plugs in so looks like im going to buy a new unit for it and hopefully it will take care of this problem
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