Corsair CX V2 600W PSU

Hi guys!

I am currently checking out components for my new build. My main priorities is that it has to be very silent (so I can have it in the livingroom of my girlfriends apartment, and it has to be powerful enough for games like BF3.

I have figuered out that 550 Watts should be plenty, and I really want to buy the Corsair CX V2 600W PSU, but I've heard some complaints about strange noises, and that would be a huge dealbreaker.

Have any of you guys experience with this PSU, or have you heard or read anything? Any relevant answers will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Honestly i would look at the tx v2 versions for little bit more, are very good and my tx 750 v2 is quiet as a mouse, and has been utterly reliable.
  2. The corsair cx600 v2 is a budget psu but from the reviews I've seen it runs pretty quiet. I'd recommend getting a xfx pro550w it's a much better psu. It's more efficient and has more power on the +12v. It's also made by seasonic which some consider the best psu brand. Another great thing about the xfx pro550w is it's price I don't know where you live but in the US you can get it for $50
  3. I live in norway. Here I would have to put up roughly 45 dollars more for the tx v2 than the CX V2... thats alot when the CX V2 is 100 dollars, and the TX is 145...

    However, I value your input for later reference on a PSU with a bigger need for power, and a bigger budget (Y)

    On the xfx pro 550, I'll definatly check this out

    Thanks for your input, both of you!
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