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Suggest a good PSU for a gtx 560 ti SLI?

Hello, :wahoo:

I wannna get a PSU to support my new build, with a gtx 560 ti, which I will SLI with another 560 ti in future.

As I can see from the geForce website, a single card needs minimum 500W power supply with two 6 pin connecters. I was looking at corsair PSUs but they only have 4 pin connectors. :??: I dont get it, how cud they not have power supplies with 6 pin connectors? :heink: Although it lists two PCI-E connectors. Is that the 6 pin connector?? :sarcastic:

If not corsair, what brand and wattage should I go for getting a GTX 560 ti SLI? I think it has to have at least 50 amps on the +12V rail. So what do you all suggest??

Thx in Advance!! :D

(PS, this a repost from the power and components section, where I posted the same thread. Feel free to check it out too)
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  1. More like 60 Amps. I'd go with
    And yeah, PCI-E connector is 6+2 pin (you can use it as either 6 pin or 8 pin).
  2. ^that link doesn't work. The issue may be the period at the end.
    Actually, I'm going to abandon my usual high-performance recommendation now that XFX has jacked up its price. Check this one out:
    Or this one if you're a modular person:
  3. Sorry about the link. Fixed.
  4. Oh, that one's plenty good, but the OCZ is modular. At the same price point, modular wins.
  5. Corsair HX750 will do ya just fine... I dunno what the nonsense is about them only having 4 pin power connectors. All their midrange to high end models are designed with SLI / Crossfire in mind.

    [insert self-promotion here-->] In fact, you could buy mine for any offer of $100+ over on ebay!

    It's like new, it's modular, it's a higher quality PSU than the OCZ models above, and it has the required 6+2 pin PCI-e power connectors to power 560ti SLI.
  6. how is a corsair GS 800 in comparison to a TX750?
    I can get it for less.
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    GS 800 is decent choice. It will run the cards without a problem.
  8. It's less efficient, but it'll do fine.
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