A small upgrade :)

(Pics soon)

Ordered a NZXT Hale90 750W

This will be to run dual 670s in the future. I currently own a Rosewill HIVE 750W and its a great product but I felt it was time for a change for the better. The HIVE is comparable to a OCZ ZS in overall build quality, lacks japanese capacitors which is one big sad face that I learned after purchasing. Mainly bought it to replace a TX850 because good lord those TX have so many long cables. Now however I find myself wanting a sexy psu with sexy cables backed with great quality which NZXT happened to deliver. I was considering the Capstone Modular 750W but after finding the Hale90 for the same price as the capstone I had to jump on it. I would have ordered the Capstone but the cables on the Hale are much more appealing and look like I will have a much easier time managing so it was hard to argue against the hale.

I am big on looks and performance and I eventually plan on modding my own window and I think the splash of white from the psu will really give my case that "Black/white" feel.

Also ordered some NZXT extensions, 2x molex to 3 sata meaning I can completely remove both sata cables from the psu.
As well, the NZXT 24pin extension to hide the ugly rainbow colored cables from the hardwired 24pin. Same with 8pin and as well I believe the 8pin will barely reach my port for it so having the extension will help reduce a lot of tension.

I think the way the Hale90 PCI cables are will go nicely but I may have to end up buying extensions for them too if they happen to not stretch the way I will need them to.

Specs -

Z68A-GD65 (G3)
EVGA GTX 670 (non SC / non FTW)
1600mhz CL9 2x4GB LP Vengence
Carbide 500R (black) w/ 4x NB PK-3 / 5x Aerocool Shark White and a Kaze Master Pro controller
Rosewill HIVE 750W
M4 64GB
Adrenaline SSD Cache
Intel 320 120GB
Spinpoint F3 1TB
Bitfenix 15" White LED strip (amazing how bright it is)
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  1. .....and your question is?
  2. Augray37 said:
    .....and your question is?

    Should have made this a discussion instead of question thread I guess :p

    If I had a question it would be, whats a good 4mp monitor? :)
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