Software issues after new Windows7 build

Last week I put together my first new build in about 10 years. Here are the basic parts:
Intel i2500k cpu
Asus P8z68-v/gen3 mb
EVGA gtx560ti gpu
16 gb ram
120 gb SSD drive
2tb storage drive
windows 7 oem disk
750 w psu
Hope thats enough info for my questions.

Everything went smooth until I tried to install windows 7. At that point, I began to get all sorts of different errors, from dvd drive errors to installation not found errors etc. After making sure the bios for the mb were updated to the latest ones, I removed all but 1 of the 4 gb ram sticks, and tried the install again. It worked fine. So after windows installed, I updated a few of my other drivers and thought everything was well. I put in the other 3 sticks of ram, and the occasional issues would come up. From windows installs that would fail to random reboots. I tried a few different memtest scans on each individual memory unit but couldn't find anything wrong. Finally I removed the other 3 sticks and once again tried things with just the 1 stick of memory.

Even though I couldn't find anything wrong with the mem sticks, I replaced them with 2 8 gb sticks of mem, and continued on. For the most part, everything was great for a few days, but I've started to notice some issues....

Windows update reinstalls the same 2 updates over and over again. The update succeeds, but then after a few more hours the updates show up again.

Everytime I try to install a program, I come across some sort of error. Adobe reader won't finish installing. IE9 won't finish installing. Itunes works but my ipod won't show up in either itunes or my computer.

I also should mention that I'm using microsoft security essentials for my protection.

I'm not sure if all these issues are related to the issues initially installing windows 7, or if maybe my initial settings are off or what.

I'm considering just trying a new reinstall on the SSD, and starting over.

Thanks for listening to my rambling, and thx for any advice.
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    sounds like windows 7 was damaged from ram issues. the service packs issues if you dont clear out the temp folder where service packs are downloaded if it damaged windows is not smart to clear the folder out and try for a fresh copy. with the asus mb before you reload windows. try running memtest and move the dimm one slot at a time to check that all the dimm slots are working. if they look like they are use cpu-z and see what your ram is running at for speed and voltage. sometime asus auto set up will set the timing a little lose. (most speed check your using the xmp profile).
  2. Sorry for the delay, but I ran each dimm through each memory slot, and then also ran the mem check with them together, and everything came up fine. Hopefully this means theres not an issue with the mb, since that would be a pain to replace.

    As far as the cpu-z, I'm not exactly sure, but under the SPD tab, the voltage is shown as 1.5 v and the freq is at 457 mhz for jedec 1, 533 for jedec2, 685 or jedec3, and 800 for xmp-1600. These readings are the same for both slot 2 and 4 that i'm running the dimm's in.

    Is that the info you were looking for?
  3. the asus mb is going to ise one of the jdec to set the stock speed. most times on the easy bios screen it says 1333. if you want the ram to run at 1600 you have to go in to the ai settings in advance change the ram speed to xmp. muyself if your not going to overclock your pc leave it where it stable.
  4. So, if the ram and mb look ok, should I go ahead with the re-installation of Windows7 on the SSD now?
  5. yes it should be fine now.
  6. Well...just wanted to give a bit of an update and a huge thanks. Windows reinstall went as smooth as possible, and every single issue I had before has gone away.

    It's hard to believe that an issue from a bad memory stick during install could cause such lingering annoying issues that basically corrupt the whole system.

    Thanks again for your quick responses and helpful advice.
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