CPU - MoBo - HDD - PSU - Lowest Cost Possible - Suggest if Possible

Objective : To Build a Simple Low Cost, Highly Efficient - Best System - Quality Is what is expected More Than Looks and Hype.

Things to Consider Before suggesting : System should have longevity... Shouldn't ask anything more like upgrading etc. atleast for another 5 Yrs...

Is USB 3.0 SATA 6GB/S really Essential? (Will do with USB 2.0 ... If it'll Cost less. am not concerned with these speeds, Surely)

What might I use a Computer for ?
Browse Internet, Downloads(Music, Pics, Videos Occasionally Movies) (5.1 HT), Word Processing, Winrar...

Excel, Movie Maker, Movie Editors, Photoshop... Rarely

No Games, Overclocking or Complex Computing...

Processor : Suggest one that would not Hang or Struggle while running multiple Applications.
(My idea - for now - Athlon X2 or X3 or A4 3400 or A6 3600)

RAM : 4GB (Would 2 x 2GB sticks make a difference than a single 4 GB one?) Is 4GB essential or just 2 GB would do ?

KeyBoard & Mouse : Wireless & Wired (Depends on the mood )

MoBo : (I wont use a monitor. I plan to use my TV - CRT with Red
And White Input - RCA Type- Maybe Later - a HDTV )

Please Suggest a Mobo for it. Again Best in Quality & Lowest Cost.

HDD : I Feel I wouldn't use any more than 160GB.

PSU : Please suggest a Power Supply for such Simple System.

By the way, Can I use my pendrive for installing, booting.... WINDOWS 7

Okay I've typed a lot and If u reach here reading all things from beginning - You've Read a Lot. Need to be Concise, I Know.

Thanks for the reading & your valuable time and effort - even if you are not able to Help
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forum. there are a lot of good pc out there for a smart shopper. i would start by looking at dell and hp web pages there back to school and there closeout sales..sometime you can get a pc with a monitor and a printer from them at a good price. most small monitors 19-21 inches you can pick for under 100.0 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824254061

    the two core intel sandy bridge chips (560) pc or the 4 core amd chips for the price should be fine for many years. most vendors now use a 250-500 gig drives as standard size now. also do to the flooding where hard drive were made there not much cost savings between a lower sized drive..just take a look on newegg.
    pre builds will be cheaper at some price points as the vendors can by in bulk and the toss on an os with there machines. you also will get tech support with them if you have an issue. if you build the system yourself or you pay someone to put the parts together or buy from a local computer store. you can pick out parts that are better then the pre builts..as dell and hp have to use the lowest parts that they can to keep cost down.. for s little more money then pre built you can have a pc that not only better built but can be upgraded if needed. most pre builts other then ram and a cheap video card they cant be.

    a system like this or one with other parts that other people will post should last you a long time.
  2. ^ I can vouch for the Elite 430, good case.

    I would go for a Celeron or Pentium over an APU for his needs. Would save some money, a G530 (used in the budget gaming build this month) is only $50.

    Stop posting links to HP computers, if he wants to build, then great! :) People are allowed to build low cost systems!
  3. jkldsa said:
    MoBo : (I wont use a monitor. I plan to use my TV - CRT with Red
    And White Input - RCA Type- Maybe Later - a HDTV )

    I am a bit concerned about this aspect of the build. You'll need something other than RCA inputs on your TV unless there's some kind of converter cable and you would need a yellow RCA input for video. Red and white are audio channels.
  4. 3 or more spent their time, for me, expecting nothing in return (which can simply be described as Suggestion - Advise - Help... ). Anyways, you keep checking this. I'll let you all know How This Can be done Should I know.

    Interestingly Max Collodi finds the mistake in my description. True, Yellow & White and NOT red & white.

    VetteDude shines with his point.

    smorizio's comment was innocuous I presume.

    alyoshka's suggestions, were explored, long before, I started typing this Post.
    They are not proven products yet. Not feasible at the moment.

    Low Cost High yield meeting one's needs..... Keep Posting.

    Lets Keep Going...
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