Advice needed - Not sure of specs

Intel, Core i5 2500k ($1649)
Graphics card: HIS, ATI, 6850, 1gb DDR5 ($989)
Motherboard: Asus P8H61-M pro B3
Power Supply:
Thermaltake Smart Power 630W Power Supply  ($519)
4G(2x2GB) Corsair Vengeance LP-Black 1.5V CML4GX3M2A1600C9W
Case: Cooler Master Elite 430 Mid Tower Case ($398)
Hard Drive: 500gb ($500)
OS: ($880)

I'm building it 3 weeks later.
My budget is 625 dollars

Are these specs ok? Can I overclock the i52500k using this motherboard? Is the power supply compatible? Thanks
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  1. Nice prices, where you buying :lol:
  2. I'm not quite sure I understand the math on this one either. :lol:

    But to answer the question - the PSU wattage is fine but Thermaltake makes garbage PSUs, you're better off going with Corsair or Seasonic.

    The H61 will not be able to overclock as you forfeit access to the RAM multiplier among tons of expansion options (SATA ports, PCI slots, RAM slots). You want an H77 or Z68 motherboard if you're going to be using a 2500K, and get a full ATX board, I never advise anyone to go with an mATX board on a full tower system.
  3. All very good answers, thanks, but about the psu, its enough watt right? Also, I need a reliable but cheap motherboard, I like the Asus motherboards but its so expensive. I don't really need to Crossfire but I need a graphics card. My PC is a gaming one.
  4. BTW, I think your motherboard is too expensive, giving you the idea.
  5. go for a Z68 or P67 to overclock
  6. What about this? Gigabyte H77M-D3H, H77
    It's cheap in where I live.
  7. H77 like H67, won't do full overclocks.

    As an alternative, keep the H61 you were looking at, drop to a i5-2400, and use the savings to jump to a stronger video card.

    i5-2400: $190
    AS Rock H61M/U3S3: $67
    8 GB DDR3-1333: $22
    Spinpoint F3 1 TB: $80
    Coolermaster Elite 311 + 500W PSU combo: $82
    Samsung DVD: $14
    HD 6870: $160
    4-pack 120mm fans: $7

  8. nktleung said:
    What about this? Gigabyte H77M-D3H, H77
    It's cheap in where I live.

    If you really want to overclock you'll need a low-end Z77 board like this:

    Just avoid mATX as it will make your long term expansion plans extremely difficult.


    4-pack 120mm fans: $7

    That's kind of a waste of money - I've used those fans and they do not improve your system's air flow.
  9. You know what, I'll just go with the i5 2500, not k. Not necessary to overclock anyway. I think it'll do find without oc
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