My PC keeps shutting off

I just received my AMD Athlon 64 X2 5400+ Energy Efficient 2.8 GHz Dual-Core that I bought online today.. I installed it in my PC & I used thermal paste as well, procedure.
My PC was running fine for about 5-10minutes then it randomly just shut down? I tried turning it on again, booted for 30 seconds then shut down again.
I'm not sure if its my mother board or if i need a better cooler?

I'm using the standard cooler for the Acer Aspire M5100 as that's my computer.

But I'm also good on power.. I have a 400W Antec power supply ,
I'm running on ATI Radeon 5750 too so my computer was running perfectly fine before I installed my CPU

The cooler is the standard for the M5100 so.. I'm really not sure if Its my cooler or my motherboard that can't handle my new CPU

here's the list of specs for my standard PC

Only thing I got different in mine is the new Power supply and Graphics card + CPU that I just bought.
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  1. take out the card you graphics card and see what happens when you boot?
  2. also place your old cpu bk in and see if theres a bios update if so install it then try your new cpu
  3. When I installed my new CPU it did these registry updates.. then It asked me to restart my PC, so I did, booted up fine then I got some weird system 32 error and my PC shut off, Plus I just inserted back my old CPU and it's not booting, as in making the "BEEP" sound, So I have no idea what just happened.. I'mma let it cool down for a bit to see what happens.
  4. This is the same cooler that my PC has also, managed to find it online
  5. Well I just added back the new processor and it booted right away.. been running for about 15minutes now and reading 40C, so its running at a healthy temperature
    I hope it stays that way.
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