Need Help finding the wattage on my power supply.

I opened up my desktop and looked for a wattage sticker, but all i got was a sticker with random numbers:
6 7 8 9 10 11 12
i dont know what the numbers mean, but next to the numbers was a word: PASS. I have some pics of the power supply, but im new so i don't know how to upload them or even if i can upload them. can somebody plz help me, im about to buy a new video card and i need to know how many watts my power supply is.
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    Try looking for a "Make" and "Model" on the power supply. Sometimes the sticker that contains this information is on the side adjacent to the rear of the case and away from view.

    I know that this is the situation with my Antec PSU that I recently installed. What I did was to take a digital photo of the sticker before I installed it in the case.
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