Electronic Buzz every 5-8 seconds

I'm getting a periodic electronic buzzing sound, lasting less than a second and occurring usually about every 5-8 seconds with my month old custom build. It does not sound mechanical, it is not very loud, and everything seems to be running properly as far as voltages and temps go. I've been running skyrim and diablo 3 with no problem, but it is a little distracting. I have another week to return items for a full refund so if anyone has any ideas, thanks! Sorry if this isn't the correct category to post in.

More info: The buzzing does not seem to increase under a heavy cpu load (like during a prime95 test) or heavy gpu load (FurMark), nor does it seem to matter what my fan speeds are set to. Usually for a sound like that, I would focus my attention on power supply, but it doesn't seem to be coming from there and my psu is pretty capable.

Perhaps I am just crazy. I've always been able to hear high pitched electronic noises more than most. It really does sound like a normal pc sound, it's just the periodic nature that bothers me.

My build:

CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K
Mobo: ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe
CPU Cooler: Phanteks PH-TC14PE_BL5 (because it's blue...and a good cooler)
Memory: Corsair Vengeance Low Profile 8 GB PC3-12800 Blue 1600mhz
SSD: Crucial M4 256 GB
GPU: EvGA GTX 670 (way too loud - sending back for an asus 670 or 680 top, whichever becomes available first)
Case: Corsair 500R White
PSU: SeaSonic Platinum-860
Optical Drive: LG WH12LS39 Blu-ray rewriter
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  1. This might seem like a wild idea, but have you tried another set of speakers? And are the speakers on when the sound happens? Its possible that the speakers are picking up interference from one of the system fans. It could be periodic as the fans (maybe even on the video card go full power to cool the thing). Also you could try another output port on the mobo's onboard sound card.
  2. Thanks for the idea, but I am using headphones - no speakers set up. Best I can tell, the sound is coming from either the gpu, the motherboard, or the psu. I can't get a good direction on it once I stick my head in. I'll remove my gpu and see if that fixes it. Otherwise, I may exchange the psu just in case.
  3. According to AnandTech, the sound may be normal chirping of the PFC inductor... I must just be crazy.
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