FX-4170 Full Load Temp Question

Ok, so just built my first rig, and had read that you should always stress test it to make sure everything is working good, so I chose Prime95(heard their torture test was meant for this sorta thing), and started running it.

My temps on my cpu shot up from around 28-32C to 40s, and were at 54c within 10min, and I shut the test down. I've read that safe operating threshold is between 60-70c, so this kinda worries me. What might be the reason for this operating so hot, and how can I fix it? or is this normal for torture testing? Everything is at stock clocks, FWIW. Is it likely I screwed up somewhere in my actual build assembly, or is this normal? I feel like a parent watching with a newborn, worried that every burp and fart means they're dying.
I'm monitoring with Asus's Thermal Radar, and Sensor Recorder software that came with the mobo, and running ALL fans(case and cpu) at 100%(which is what I normally do, for fear of overheating)
My Rig:

Sabertooth990fx R1
8g Xtreem 1600 ram
Corsair TX750 PSU
MSI TF 660 Ti PE
Samsung dvd burner
CM 690 II Advanced Case KNN5, with 2 top exhaust fans (140mm stock fan, 120mm blademaster), 1 rear exhaust fan(120mm stock) 1 side intake fan with screen mesh over it(blademaster 120mm), 1 front intake 140mm stock fan, 1 120mm HD drive "pusher" fan(mounted to the side of the harddrive cage like so x|-|(with the front fan here)
CM Hyper 212 EVO, with 2 120mm blademasters in push-pull formation.
Vertex 4 128g SSD
4 spare HDDs from previous pc's for storage.
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  1. Looking at it now, it looks like it's holding at 53-54c, has for 10 min now, using the In-Place Max torture test on Prime95. Is this a safe operating temp?
  2. 54c is fine at 100% max cpu. I have a Intel 2600K OC'ed at 4.8ghz and gets about 62c running Prime95. So your fine and doesnt matter if it is OC'ed. Temps are still good
  3. The desk cubby hole I've got it in is also stifling airflow a bit, I think. I slid it in, and it went up to 55-56c, but then stabilized there for 10min, and when I pulled it back out it went back down. Just wanted to make sure I'm not going to melt my cpu playing games :/
  4. holepuncher question, if you only have 1 fan pushing air in which is the front fan, I would change your rear fan to an intake fan since the 2 top fans are exhaust. Reason being is to have enough air pressure going in, then to have have barely any other wise you dont get much air movement. Now other question is does your 212 evo pushing air towards back or towards top of case?
  5. Your temps aren't bad, remember that it'll never get as hot as it does when you stress test it doing normal gaming/computing. Your CPU may top out at 100% but not for extended periods of time.
  6. Being that your PC is in a desk cubby temps will get hotter, just make sure if you have a door for the cubby that you leave it open.
  7. is it stock and what's the room temps that it sits in

    Edit: My FX 4100 @4.7GHz gets up to 55C under load
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