No monitor display with graphics card but display with onboard?

Hello, I recently purchased a new GPU (CLUB 3D 6950 2GB) and a new case (Coolermaster elite 334u) I have the computer all built and such but when i plug the cable into the Onboard Graphics and i get a display and im able to do the normal stuff. But when i plug it into my GPU i get no display but just a black monitor screen withe the light on the monitor flashing. The fans on the graphics card are spinning and everything appears to be working but i still get a black screen. My previous graphics card (6670) never had this problem.

Im use a DVI to VGA Converter for the graphics card. If you need any extra info the help me fix this problem don't hesitate to ask.
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  1. What wattage is your PSU? They recommend a 700W with two2 75W 6 pin connectors. Does your BIOS automatically recognize an adon card and disable the onboard graphics? Did you inonstall the drivers for the old card?
  2. I have a 650w and thats whats the recommended for a 6950 i also have two 75w 6pin connectors hooked up. My motherboard is an ASUS M4A78LT-M and i cant find that option anywhere in the BIOS i may have missed it or somthing :S. And i have uninstalled all the drivers for the card.
  3. Are you using the DVI port closest to the HDMI port?
  4. What is the make and model if your power supply? What are the specs on the 12v? A 6670 takes much less power than a 6950 and certain ones such as XFX don't even need a power connector so your PSU may not be able to handle a 6950 depending on the quality of 650w that you have.
  5. It's a OCuK Swift 650w 230Vac, 10A, 50-60Hz <-- I think thats what youre asking for. My 6950 is the CLUB3D version.
  6. Okay I checked out your PSU and I honestly think it is the culprit. My old Thermaltake had nearly the same specs with an overall 600w voltage and could not handle an XFX 6870 which it should have been able to. Yours is trying to power a 6950 which is more powerful and although your overall 650w should be able to handle it, I don't think the quality is putting out especially at the 12v.

    I can't get any good pictures or specs of it on the vendor websites so if you could post the numbers on the side that would help (numbers under 12v+). A 650w should be fine but it is the quality of brand that is the problem, and I couldn't find any info but I don't think it is 80 plus certified either meaning it is not 80% efficiency. So it has not guarantee of putting out what it could. If anybody reading this disagrees please educate us because I am not an expert but only relaying first hand experience to somebody who has similar problems to what I've went through along with other people I've came across when researching.
  7. Im getting in contact with Overclockers about returning it anyway. Going to buy a 750w just for some breathing room and a better quality brand, any recommendations? As the GPU does appear to work i mean the fans are spinning. So you believe the PSU isn't giving the GPU the power needed for it to be recognized by the monitor?
  8. It's a possibility, there are people who use much less of a PSU and run just fine but there are others who use high wattage but get artifacts or no power at all. I would replace that PSU anyway, but if possible try a different one and see how it goes. I went to best buy and bought one to try out and once I figured out it was the problem I returned it and bought the one I wanted for a better deal off newegg.
  9. Quote:
    any recommendations?

    Corsair, Seasonic or Antec.
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