New Build (After Effects/3D/Gaming Build) $2000

Hey, everyone. This will be my first time building a computer and I'm really excited. Just wanted to get a check on my build before I pull the trigger on buying everything. Is there anything I've missed or could get a better deal on? I don't have a monitor, keyboard, or mouse but it is all viewable on the link I'm attaching. Please call me out if I'm being ignorant on some of the choices. I'll be using it primarily for After Effects and 3D Rendering/Animation programs. Thanks for the help!

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  1. parts look great. just one question: why the $8 keyboard and $45 mouse?
  2. The mouse is more important for accurate graphics creation than a keyboard is. An $8 keyboard that is functional seemed like a heck of a deal. Any suggestions on a better keyboard?
  3. probly nothing wrong with that keyboard. People usually don't have that great a disparity between them (I use $5-10 mice myself)
  4. hyper 212+ evo instead of that CPU cooler
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