First Boot?

OK i am confused on what you do on first boot of PC
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  1. Push the power button.
  2. Is this a new PC that you built or a Dell/HP/Lenovo?
  3. install windows?

    Did i get it right? What did i win?
  4. ahnilated said:
    Push the power button.

    Are you trying to be funny
  5. What do you do....Flash bios or is it already there do you install drivers
  6. We need a little background info.... Did you buy a big box pc like a dell or HP? If so on first boot you enter your personal info and then you enjoy your new computer.

    Did you build a computer. If so then the HD is blank and you need to install windows. Once windows is installed then you install any missing drivers like maybe the video card drivers and sound drivers.

    Normally you dont need to flash the bios on anything unless your having a specific problem that is mentioned on the bios flash release notes for your hardware.
  7. well this is homebuilt so yea ive made a PC an i had trouble with it so i sold it an im making a new one so i dont want to have same bad experience
  8. We need more information. Did you piece everything together properly? Did you install Windows? Did you hook it up to power?

    You can't just expect people on this forum to give you an answer. We aren't in your mind and we can't tell what you need.
  9. Jasonhunterx said:
    Are you trying to be funny

    Yep, lack of information requires a funny response.
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