My second homebuild system: what do you think?

Hi there,

Been reading a lot here and enjoyed reading most topics.

My first post is about my second homebuild system :). I have build a system before and about to make my second. Hopefully some of you can give me some thoughts about this system.

CPU: i5 3570K
Case: Corsair Obsidian 650D
Cooling: Corsair Hydro H100 liquid cooling
Motherboard: AsRock Z77 Extreme4
GPU: Nvidea Quadro 600
PSU: Corsair Enthusiast TX650M 650W
Memory: Corsair 16GB DDR3 Venguance
HDD1: Crucial M4 128GB SSD
HDD2: Western Digital 2TB

The video card is a temporary card cause I'm going to buy a GTX580 card or similar in the future. Going SLI then.

It's not for extreme gaming, have my XBox360 and PS3 for that. But you'll never know how this works out.

Never overclocked my CPU so this is gonna be a good system to try this out. Hope to get mine to 4,0Ghz. yes I'm optimistic, I know lol.

Next purchase before a new video card would be to swap my stock fans for some new ones. Including the H100 fans and doing push/pull. Looking at Noisblocker, Skythe or Noctua fans.

Hope to get some advise, maybe I made a mistake or I missed/overlooked something on this build.

Costs: €1260,- ($1575-)

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  1. Looks decent. You don't want a GTX580, you want a GTX670 or 680.
  2. Well I want a GTX690. But that's too expensive for a none extreme PC gamer (yet).

    Is there a big improvement with 670/680 vs 580.
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