Running my Cpu to hot!?Other issue also..

I know I should have looked into this sooner but just wanted to make sure I am not running to hot CPU temp wise.

1.Currently have AMD Phenom II X4 3.41ghz it runs around 40c / (102F) is that to hot!?

2. Upgrading to a AMD FX 6100 3.1 not a huge upgrade just thinking I need to do it cause I have a glitch issue where my computer will lag and ghost kind of the mouse will be unable to control for a few seconds. I replaced everything on my computer so far and the issue is still not fixed for it must be the cpu I am guessing or monitor.

Updated bios and all that also..seems like it has not helped much. Tho updating bios that one that came out this month did not make it nearly as bad as it was.

Now when playing Diablo III I have few issues. I have the most issues when playing League of Legends online,get real bad ghosting of the mouse. I have a Logitech MX518 mouse. Also it makes a noise like when you plug a device into a USB port,sometimes it will make that noise.

Kind of went off on a tangent!!Ill post question "2."Ill put it under another thread most likely just thought I try it out here also cause it seems to be related.
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More about running other issue also
  1. I wouldn't worry about a Phenom II until it gets into the mid 50's. (Under full load)
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    your mouse could be defective did you try another one of any kind,also you got nice temp,the other thing check if all your driver are up to date
  3. Yeah have tried other mouse and it would make the same issue. But it was just a wireless so not sure if that was the best testing mouse. Going to pick up a new mouse tomorrow a Logitech - G500
  4. you dont have to buy a new mouse for now just check your usb port with a old plain mouse it could be a connector on the bard from usb who made that
  5. Nope that was it lol...Just got the same mouse actually, more of a updated version of it.Have yet to have a Issue. Cant believe that was it been driving me nuts for a past months!! Thinking of sending back the 6 core cpu now!! Or ill just keep it and build another computer from my old parts. Jeez I was over complicated things...
  6. did that old mouse what still under warranty, for that cpu you could keep it or send it back check if they are restocking fees and what will be the more good for you,try to sell one of them yourself to save on cost of new one
  7. No the old mouse one is like two years going on three. I got it from Tigerdirect and also just say that you can get instant $15 off if you enter a promo code, on the cpu not sure if I over looked it or they just put it up. Anyway going to deal with it Monday and look into maybe returning it.
  8. that is there policy for returning parts
  9. Thanks yep returned it hopefully they wont get me for restocking fee. Thanks for the help!
  10. it was a pleasure,have fun
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