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Hello, this is the rig i am planning to build, any feedback is welcome and appreciated, mainly running cpu intensive CAD / video rendering and some file compression/editing etc, maybe PS too, and also some gaming too! :bounce: here is the set up so far!

CPU - i7-3770k

CPU cooler - thermalright silver arrow

video card - gtx 690 or perhaps hd 7990 (waiting) - wondering if this would fit in the case nicely? both cases considered below have removable drive cages, ideally i won't have to remove the drive cages though , saves much hassle

Motherboard - ASUS maximus V gene

Case - Corsair obsidian 650D (or graphite special edition 600T WHITE , I am torn between these two, any ideas? )

PSU - Corsair AX850 (most probably overkill, could not find anyone who sells FSP aurum pro 850W but was thinking perhaps a FSP aurum pro 700 would do)

SSD - OCZ Vertex 4 120GB

Hard drive - Seagate Barracuda 1TBSeagate Barracuda 1TBSeagate Barracuda 1TB

RAM - Kingston HyperX 4x4GB 2133Mhz

Monitor - Looking at the ASUS VE247H, a cheap 24 inch monitor would be good enough for me tbh but may buy more in the future when i have more space.

Thank you for reading and as I said any feedback is appreciated
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  1. CPU- Great choice... I chose the same.. Intel > AMD in my opinion

    Cooler- Never heard of it but it looks pretty good

    GFX- get the Nvidia.... far better in my opinion

    Motherboard- in my opinion is stupid..... it's a micro-atx... get a regular atx like the asus z77 sabertooth... the sabertooth is great at staying nice and cool and it looks good....

    Case: If you are basically building a workstation don't go with a mid-tower... go full tower... heres a nice case in MY opinion:
    It's sleek has great airflow and is a nice big fulltower... PLUS it's cheaper than your mid-tower you had picked out

    PSU- WAAAAAAAY to much money... here is a cheaper one with 50 extra watts

    SSD- I've never owned one... so I can't give feedback on it

    HDD- Good choice but.. in MY opinion I like WD better (I also take it you getting 3 of them:D )

    RAM: Good choice BUT if you are doing intense videoediting and rendering you are going to want more ram My dad does commercials and editing for different people and he hates working with only 16 gigs of ram.. he wants 32 gigs.. I suggest upgrading to 32 now as well.. it's worth it for the rendering

    Monitor: I like to use vizio flatscreens instead of monitors... mainly because of the back panels.. so many extra input options: It's way more expensive but it's bigger.. .... monitors are nice to I just prefer HDTV's...

    Once again.. you build is great already... these are just my personal opinions... If your building a workstation your going to want to go an buy the highend stuff now instead of later.... and don't forget to always get a blu-ray burner and not just a dvd player/burner........
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