Will my pc handle the AMD 7750

Hey guys
basically i need the best GPU for my pc which runs on a 300W psu and the AMD 7750 definetly looks the best, do you think my pc can handle it?
PSU specs:
300w bronze certified
+3.3v +5v // +12v1 +12v2 // -12v +5vsb
16a 16a // 10a 16a // 0.3a 2a
max 105W // max 240w //
Thats everything stated on the PSU sticker
My computer is a regular desktop with:
i5 2300 2.8ghz quad core
2x2gb ddr3
1tb 5400rpm hard drive
Dvd/cd rw drive
front tray multi card reader
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  1. It should run fine but I'd get a better PSU if possible.
    Also do you have a GPU at the moment or are you using some integrated graphics?
  2. Yeah integrated graphics.
    Aslong as it works fine im happy. im not looking for absolute top graphics performance, i just wanna be able to run stuff like Shogun 2 total war and left for dead.
  3. What is the exact model of the PSU? Or how much combined amps on the +12V? Technically this PSU should run the 7750 fine.
  4. it should just be under 300w req assuming there's no overclocking involved at all in the whole build.

    the power supply requires around 30-40 amp on the 12+ rail in general as well
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