Computer reverts to onboard video every time I restart..

Hey guys, I have a quick question. I have a ASrock Fatality Gen 3 prof series mobo with a Pny Nvidia 260 gtx pci-e card as my video card. The card works great and I never have any problems with the card itself. Now, the problem I am consistently facing is; after every time I turn my computer off or reset it I basically have to re set up my pcie vid card as my primary card. I've already disabled the onboard video in the bios AND in the device manager. Restart computer and boots up with a signal coming from my nvidia card. But once I restart my computer absolutely no signal from my nvidia card but only from my onboard Intel card..I'll have to connect something to my onboard to even see anything on a monitor. Then once I get to the desktop I have to re-disable my onboard and activate my pcie card, boot down, unplug connection from onboard and boot back up and pcie card sends signal and all is dandy. But I have to do that EVERY time i restart my computer and it is driving me insane! My bios is set to "primary video card - Pcie" So i dont know what else to do to fix this nuisance! Anyone able to help?
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  1. Sounds like the BIOS is resetting it self every power off! Check motherboard battery!
  2. Ah, okay. I just got the mobo so I didn't suspect that..But worth a shot for sure. However, any time to get my card to work correctly I have to do everything in the device manager in windows
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