Will es chips work in a hackintosh?

Simple question, will es CPU chips work in a hackintosh??

I've got a couple of e5 2665 lying around, so will they work in a hackintosh if I build one :)
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  1. Probably not.

    Assuming there are boards out there that support the version of Mac OS you want to use AND the ES chip.
  2. I'm looking for answers, not an a assumption, cause those don't help me, sorry to be rough, it's just somtimes on this forum people think they know everything cause they have built a computer before,

    Now to explain myself: I have researched the mobo, and it is supported, but my question is, does the Mac operating system recognize es versions of intel chips. I can't find any info on the subject, therefore, my real answer I'm looking for is confirmation, not a presumption, because I have used a lot of es chips but never a Mac :)
  3. Which board?

    I'd recommend using some of the previous versions of Mac OS, specifically SL.

    ES Chips are slightly different compared to retail chips, so that slight difference might screw you over.
  4. I am aware of their differences, like iv stated, I have built andused over 7 es based pc's and over a dozen conventional pc's, is there any confirmation on the CPU I listed?

    Thanks :)
  5. The board will most likely be a gig ud3 or a asus x79 board, which both work
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