Hyper 212+ issues (high temps)

I'm trying to install a hyper 212+ on a 2500k but the temps are always 40-45C at idle. No matter how much thermal paste I use it's always there. I tighten the screws down until I can't move them anymore with a couple fingers on the screwdriver. Anyone know why I'm having issues?
I've used a grain of rice size of TIM, spread it over the CPU, spread it over the heatsink, and put small lines between the lines on the heatsink and same issue everytime.
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  1. Load temps?

    Don't spread it over the CPU, have the weight of the heatsink do the job of spreading.
  2. I'm too worried to do load temps with idle that high. And I have. I've done a grain of rice size without spreading and still that high. Am I not tightening it down enough?
  3. Depending on ambient temperatures; it isn't really that high. I get those temps when my room is 90F + during the summer.

    Use the 2 line method between the copper pipes (it covers the most area) and ensure that your case is well ventilated with proper airflow.

    Also ensure that you don't put too much thermal paste and do a load test to check the temps.
  4. It was all fixed with a bios update. It runs 26C idle now. THanks everyone!
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