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hi everone
i will buy a new gaming pc next week and i want the best performance from my budget so help me and advise me and if there is better options tell me and explain them :)
parts not required:mouse keyboard monitor headset
------------------------------------------------------------------this is my pick
mobo:asrock z77 extreme6
cpu:i5 3570k
gpu:msi 7870 twin frozr
ram:corsair 1600mhz 2x4gb
hdd:seagate baracuda 7200rpm 1 tera
power:green 785w(this brand is only made in my country but if there is any better sugestions tell me)
case:cougar evolution( if there is a better option about case tell me ...quiter better looking case)
thank you for your help
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  1. Well, you should of read the post at the top of the page, 'How to Ask For New Build Advice' I don't know where you live, where you are ordering from, and whether you are doing SLI/CrossFireX, and the prices of your current components. Please edit this in.
  2. im sorry i forgot to type them......i wont sli or crossfire..i live in poland and i will buy them from newegg
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