Ccc exe application error

I start up my Acer Notebook 5542 windows 7, and everything is fine. I open my Google Chrome to find its unusually slow. Around 2 minuets later everything freezes, for about 30 seconds and my screen goes blank. Then, the screen comes back on, and I get two error messages;

CCC.exe application error

MOM.exe application error

I try to close them and the computer blue screens with an error named:


I turn my Laptop back on and I get the same thing opening any window.

I can try formatting it, but two problems:

1). I don't have the disk with the info on it.

2). There's not enough time until it blue screens.

I cant re-install drivers because there's not enough time until it blue screens.

Any help?
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  1. I don't get the question? you shouldn't be formatting from in windows. You should try a system restore at boot, or do a factory restore, if that's what youbare going for. not loadind windows.

    I would try booting mode and running. sfc /now and chkdsk /r from cmd first
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