New Laptop graphics card

I am getting a new ASUS G75VW -RS72

i7 quad core 3rd gen ivy bridge 2.3 GHZ
16 gb DDR3 1600mhz ram
IC diamond cooling sytem
17.3 inch matte screen
Nvidia geforce GTX 670m

1. Is it possible to upgrade to a GTX 680m or even a crossfire AMD Radeon HD 7970M?
2. Can i run fallout new vegas with the high-resolution texture pack
3. Can i run minecraft with a 512x512 texture pack, reflective water, and glsl shaders? (This uses the whole computer. I will run minecraft using 12GB ram.)
4. How easy is it to upgrade to the new graphics card? Will i have to disassemble the whole computer, or is there just a panel on the bottom where i can pop off.
5. Will cooling be enough? Do I have to get one of those pads to go under my laptop?

Also, power is not an issue. I will have this plugged in to the wall most of the time. This thing is meant to be a desktop replacement. (The most computer intensive game I can run right now is minecraft.)
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  1. anyone?
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    The thing with laptops is the confined space. I don't know the specific measurements but you may get away with an upgrade to the gtx 680m. As for crossfire, I do not know for sure but there it is a pretty good chance that it wouldn't be possible.

    As with almost every gaming laptop, cooling is an issue. Almost all of the gaming laptops I have used needed a cooling pad under.

    Another thing to note is that often, in consumer laptops like these, the wattage of the included PSU's is only enough for the original components included. Even if it is constantly plugged in, there may not be enough juice to do the xFire or even the gtx 680 (the gtx 670 is more power efficient than the gtx 680).
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