Why is my EVGA 560 TI running at 82 degrees celsius?

I wanted to play an old game and I wanted to test it out on all high settings.

The game is Age of Empires 3. I don't understand why the temperature reaches that high. Within 10 minutes of gameplay, I just closed the game. The game runs smoothly, with no problems though. I just thought I may be damaging the graphics card.

I have a HAF 922 case and I put case fans speeds on a relatively high setting from low and the temperature just dropped 2-3 degrees.

here are pictures on the setup.

I have one 200mm as an exhaust fan at top, 120mm exhaust in the back, and a 200mm intake in the front. Would it be a good idea to put the 200mm on the side? I can buy another 200mm fan and put it on the side, if it is necessary.

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  1. The cpu fan speed was on low, but I don't think it will improve any gpu fan temp.
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    you posted your pics to a site that requires people to be logged in to see them. so.they are worthless. FYI.

    A side fan should help feed cool air to the GPU. You can also manually turn up the GPU fan. What are your FPS? if over 60 turning on vsync will limit it to your refresh rate which should reduce the gpu load, especially on an older game. finally 83 degrees is high, but not unheard of. GPUs can run up to 100C safely. and if te ambient temp is high it.may run hot
  3. Oh Vsync! The gpu fan speed was running at 100%. Sorry about the pics, I'll download and re-upload here.
  4. The problem is fixed. Gpu temp is at 48 degrees celsius. I just enabled Vsync.

    Thanks for the help. :bounce:
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  6. OK. just remember that limiting your gpu load (via vsync) will reduce temps but in a heavy game, like BF3 where the gpu is maxed temps may rise. No reason not to use vsync but you could still have temp issues. 83C or even 90C is ok though. high.but maybe just a ventalation issue
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