A10 5800K vs. Phenom II x4 965 w/ radeon 7750, which is better?

I'm thinking of getting a A10 5800k which has a gpu with 800 mhz but my budget would be able to manage a phenom ii x4 965 w/ a radeon 7750 card which is also 800 mhz. My question is, which one of these would be the better choice?
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  1. HD 7750 has 512 stream processors and 40 texture units. It can handle 3D Rendering better than dedicated GPU on A10-5800K, which has 384 stream units with less Texture units. By the way I think Phenom II X4 965 is a good choice. Regardless that A10-5800K is a High-End product, I'm sure X4 965 with HD 7750 would work better for ya.
  2. Okay so graphically the 7750 paired with the phenom is better. How about the cpu end of things? How far behind is the phenom II x4 965 from the A10 5800K in terms of cpu performance? What would I be sacrificing?
  3. Its not the Phenom is a small amount ahead in benches

    This link shows a wide selection of tests the Phenom takes a narrow lead so you dont sacrifice you actually gain
  4. Phenom 965 and a 7750 is by far the better choice.
  5. A APU can also run a discrete card, and very well too. With certain FM2 boards shiping Lucid MVP you can switch between discrete and integrated depending on the workload.
  6. since this integrated gpu thing is reletively new I would go with something that's been on the market a while; something tried and tested and improved upon already. If you're a gambling man and want to bet on the fm2 socket architecture then that's up to you.

    I'm deciding on the 965 BE and a radeon 7850 or 6850 to save a little cash, and get another down the road. should have a really nice budget PC
  7. I recently bought a Phenom II 965, and paired it with my HD6750. I am running these settings in BF3 and getting 40-50FPS:
    Resolution: 1440x900
    Field Of View: 85
    Textures: Ultra
    Shadows: High
    Effects: High
    Mesh Quality: Ultra
    Terrain Quality: High
    Terrain Decoration: High
    AA Deffered: Off
    AA Post: Off
    Motion Blur: Off (It doesn't effect FPS, just annoys me)
    AF: 16x
    Ambient Occlusions: HBAO

    This is one great processor, and the HD7750 beats my HD6750 even though I've OC'd it from 700Mhz to 776Mhz. Don't go for the APU since you won't be able to use hybrid crossfire because the 7750 is not compatible with the integrated GPU.
    Hope I helped!
  8. Phenom games better in general so it makes more sense.
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