Intel celeron good for video editing, photoshop and games etc?

Hi, I was just given a PC as a present by someone.
Here are its specs

Intel Celeron g530 dual core processor
Windows 7 home premium
Intel HD 2000 graphics
8gb RAM
2Tb hard drive
Shares graphics memory

I'm mainly going to use it for my A-level study, but also Photoshop, video editing, screen recording for YouTube tutorials, and recording ps3 gameplay via the HDPVR

I won't really be using it for games except the simple stuff, but just incase, would this pc be able to run battlefield3 or assassins creed3 without facing any problems?
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  1. It will be pretty slow at the photoshop and video editing but I would think should be fine the rest.
  2. so you're not buying a discrete graphics card? hmm. why don't you try the a10-5800k. It's integrated graphics is much better than the HD 2000, it can also handle photoshop and video editing. The a10-5800k is also much better because it's quad core, than the dual core of the celeron. About the gaming stuff, I'm not sure but, may'be it can run those games in low-mid settings.
  3. Hi,
    no celeron can ever work better than I5
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