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Which? 2 40gig 7200 Raid/ 2 60gig 5400

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July 1, 2001 8:51:10 PM

I am building a new system and I can either afford 2 60 gig 5400 RPM IBM drives in a Raid 0 combination or 2 40 gig 7200 rpm drives. Would there be that much performance difference? Which would you rather have? The 60 gig combo will cost about $20 more. This will be a computer for school (computer engineering major) will be using CAD programs and also recording DVDs and TV with ATI ALL in Wonder Radeon.



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July 1, 2001 9:45:23 PM

I'd go for the 7200 drives personally.

If you need all the space then take the 5400s.

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July 2, 2001 2:47:12 AM

I saw the difference when i got my first 7200rpm drive. I would get the 7200rpm drives. Should be a great performance gain over the 5400rpm drives. Especially in Raid.

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July 2, 2001 2:31:35 PM

Agreed. Go for the 7200, as long as it's a good brand.

Do you really need 120G over 80G?

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July 3, 2001 1:16:55 AM


BIG performance boost!

quicker seek times, faster access times & higher sustainable read/write thruput.

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July 3, 2001 8:33:39 PM

<font color=blue>I must agree - no brainer. Go for the speed - 7200. 80g is a lot of space too.

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