Changing faceplate for 3560

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Where can I find instructions on how to change the face
plate for the above named phone?

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    >Where can I find instructions on how to change the face
    >plate for the above named phone?

    In the manual.

    Or, slide the back off by pushing the button on the base and sliding it up.

    The face plate and the keys "fall" off then.

    Put the new cover on.

    John S.
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    HI i had a suggestion about the face plate question,i myself am not very
    good at that
    so my daughter told me about some phone accessary kiosks and phone
    stores at the local malls. I went there with my little 3595 and searched
    the racks for a plate i liked..i took my final choice to the
    cashier...a real phone geek...he offered to change the cover for
    me...but remember this...always keep your original keys...the ones that
    come with the new covers, are rubber and are not very durable

    also my phone package came with a lighted battery..i took the
    option....the ones yo see in the phone accessary stores do tend to drain
    your battery...and those blinking antenas can fall off...if the glue
    lets loose in high temps in hot far as new covers..i chose
    a lazer cover...chinese dragom style...some of the painted ones tend to
    wear faster and chip....the lazer ones last longer.

    So before you attempt to change the cover..if your like
    me...mechanically challenged...LOL....research the local phone accessary
    stores...those people do it in like a second at no charge the one
    i go to..they offer me a free cover after 3 purchases of an type of
    added phone accessary...kinda neat deal....:)
    take care Gypsy
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