Game freezes after upgrading

Hello,i had a bad MOBO so i decided to upgrade a bit.i bought a new mobo,some new ram and a new HDD and now when i go to play a game it freezes and sound loops and i have to restart using the pc's power button.
how can i fix this? i tried new GPU drivers and updating Direct X,and nothing is overheating from what i can tell
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  1. Can you test with other RAM? Have you run any memory tests?
  2. i dont have other ram and what memory test should i run?
  3. I will link you to Memtest 86+ and you can check your ram. I will also link you to MSI Afterburner to check your temps and it will do other stuff as well. You should list your PC's specs.

    That way we can if you have any type of conflict. Also show what type of PSU you have and watts. All the programs listed below help check most all hardwear temps.
  4. i have a phenom x2 250 cpu
    a 9600gt overclocked from factory
    4gb crucial ballistix ram
    a bfg 550 watt psu
    and the gpu heat stayed at 57 celcius the whole time on gpu-z
  5. Try the Memtest 86+ I linked you to and see if that brings on the problem. If it doesn't I would look at your HDD having an issue. Alos make sure your bios is up to date. you also can try resetting your CMOS.

    It is the round silver thing the size of a 50 cent coin. You just pop it out wait about 3 min. Then put it back in. Or there is place on your MOBO that you can short it out but you will have to get your hand book to find it.

    Then let us know what you have come up with.
  6. i really don't want to burn it to a disc,is there anyway to use it as a .exe?
  7. You don't put it on a disk you just down load it to your hard drive and run the test. Then after you are done with it just go into your control panel under remove programs, find it and uninstall it.

    To put it on your hard drive it is just like loading a game. If you have any problems let us know.
  8. Did you reinstall windows? If you didn't there's your problem. Windows cannot operate normally under different motherboard than they were originally installed.
  9. Yup also did you install the latest Nvidia and the motherboards drivers?
  10. I also agree with Sunius and monsta. Give that a shot as well.
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