GTX 570 decreased memory?

I've been playing GTA IV on my gtx 570 ever since I got it. When I go to the graphics settings, it usually tells me I have 1240MB of video memory. But recently, it changed to 1225MB. Is this a common problem? What has occurred?

P.S. I have updated to nvidia's latest beta driver (301), not sure if that's the case because I haven't checked right before.

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  1. only 15MB is not a big deal today.
  2. Okay, but there must be a slight problem. And i would like to know what it is...
  3. I think it's usual, except you get some performance drops.
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    Same issue here on my GTX 470. It's more likely the drivers.

    I'm using 301.42, I've noticed this memory drop in GTA 4 in the last few drivers aswell.

    System information in NCP also reports 1279MB. I have also noticed a quite a big performance drop in GTA 4 aswell.

    It seems that whenever the memory usage goes into the red it runs a bit poo even if there is enough memory, since evga precision reports only 1100mb being used.

    BF3, Stalker COP with complete mod and The witcher 2 still use up to 1264MB.

    So it's not really much of a big deal. Report it on Nvidia forums under Beta Driver Feedback. I'll go do the same.
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