URGENT - Which PSU is better before i buy one???

Hi folks, I'm about to buy a new PSU for my pc and i'm not sure which one to buy, they both have good reviews and an equal number of connectors (sata,molex ect.) One is a 'Corsair CX600' and the other is a 'OCZ ZS 550w'. Both PSU's have mixed reviews and i cant choose which one to buy. My current PSU is on its last legs so i need to order one before it packs up.

If truth be told I'm leaning more toward the OCZ one because it has slightly better reviews and less negative ones and in tests its gone as far as 603 watts before safely shutting off.

Which one of these would you buy?? there is a £8 difference between the two.


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  1. niether. they are both medium low quality units

    this is much more high quality and it supplies more usable wattage than the cx600w
  2. corsair psu's are definitely reliable....
    i wouldnt buy the ocz psu and go for corsair...
    there are other options such as seasonic,enermax etc...
  3. the cx series are sub par if you ask me. cant even provide the rated amount of power. (600w on the model name but can only supply 500w on 12v rail which is the most important)
  4. CX series are decent entry units. They can hold their own against higher quality units and destroy the cheaper units but generally once you start looking at the CX500/600 units; you're better off looking at S12II and equivalent units unless they are on sale.
  5. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Go Corsair or save your money.
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