Case and MOBO big enough?

For about a month now, I've been doing some research regarding a new graphics card. I've just recently concluded that a GTX 550 ti would suit my PC the best in terms of power (which I'll upgrade before-hand), CPU, and quality of games. I'm almost done my research but I need to know if this card will fit in a Dell Inspiron 560 (normal size) with it's stock MOBO (Intel G45/G43). I've looked EVERYWHERE to find some information but just haven't received anything useful. Any info that could help would be appreciated!

PS: Any specs can be supplied if required.
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  1. Your Dell PC has 1 x 16-bit PCI-Express slot as required for the GTX 550 ti, so provided that slot is currently empty, no problems there.

    Check the output wattage of the existing PSU because it needs to be at least 400w for this card.
  2. Get a 6790 for the same price but more performance, or 6850 for more performance for a slight increase in price.
  3. Wattage is unimportant but check your PSU has about 30A on the 12V rail.
  4. No problems should be had
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