Please read! New Cars Mercedes Benz Fuel Cell and Honda FCX Clarity

Hi everyone,

I would like everyone to read this and also tell friends and family about these hydrogen full cell vehicles also. Because I believe that when the popularity and a general awareness of a item(or in this case a car) is stimulated with spread of mouth, internet, and any other form of communication, than we can make this kind of car come sooner to the mass of the general public. To start getting factories changing and making Hydrogen full cell vehicles instead of the gas guzzling cars that we use everyday. To make this world a better place to live in as when you are by a busy street getting that nasty burnt full smell with all the cars going by and then cough it out. And help in the long run to keep the air cleaner. And when the gas runs out, although that is a ways down the road, hydrogen will not run out of supply. It is never to soon to get this kind of
hydrogen powered technology pushed to become something that could very well be in the near future a every day clean no gas emissions commute. But before then their will be of course challenges that will have to be faced. Like the new hydrogen fill up stations, which in time can be remedied faster if the hydrogen cars are popular and are being pushed by the public. They to become more and more easily made by businesses so that they will become cheaper, cleaner, and more efficient cars. Just a electric car powered by batteries will just never cut it (unless batteries improve a significantly). A petroleum car can be refilled and on it goes again unlike a long recharge of a electric battery. but same as the gas the Hydrogen car can be refilled in just three minutes. The "Handa FCX Clarity" hydrogen motor in this car has one moving part, mechanically that makes more sens to me, 250 miles in one fill up is good enough for the very first hydrogen cars to have. Think about in the future and how much further we could make it! Lets make it reach the ears of a nation and we the people can get hydrogen powered cars, that are now fact, encouraged to go to new heights and ultimately bring these cars known that they are real and here 100% Hydrogen to power the electric motor, and water as the only emissions from the tale pipe. Can we start getting these cars out sooner and more widely available? I believe we can by starting with you and I and then go all throughout to everyone to get this technology known about widely. Here is a link to the "Handa FCX Clarity" review by Top Gear ( ). Feel free to commit and add new links to other reviews. Thanks for your time and have a nice day!

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  1. Ummm... OK. Come again when Fuel Cells become cheaper and in mass production.
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