Burning DVDS with mac, IDVD, HELP!

I have mac os x 10.4.8 I have burned a ton of dvds, all using idvd, i have not changed the way i burn, when its done encoding, i place the disk back in to the computer to test it, it works, works great!!, then i eject it and place it in my stand alone dvd player, and it says disk is physically damaged or dirty, but its not, iv done a number of tests, also, my other movies still work, the menu works still, but it has that error when i push play, or enter when the play movie selection is highlighted. I am thinking the dvd burner is shot? but there is still data on the disk, and the menus work, so why not play a movie? other than that posible cause could anyone help me figure out how to fix this?? PLEASE the dvd plays fine when re enterd in to the mac, but no longer wors in dvd player! HELP!
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  1. This is a Windows Vista forum...

    If you're sticking to this site, try here
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  3. It could be the DVD player too. Does the player struggle with any other disks (such as commercially produced disks or disks burned on other systems)? Does it skip or freeze on any discs?
  4. Is this perhaps like when you don't finish a disc properly and it won't work in a cd player.

    Is there perhaps a setting for compatability?
  5. 1. Are the DVD's RW by any chance? Or are you using +R / -R and the DVD player not liking it? I've burnt disks that would play on PC but not player that were down to this, admittedly with an old player.

    2. Is there an option to 'Finalise' the disk in iDvd (re last comment).
  6. The best thing to do would be to leave iDVD and use either VisualHub or Toast for burning dvd's on a mac. I've never had one single disc from either of those two programs fail in a standalone dvd player. VisualHub is great because it converts most file types AND burns to disk for you all in one step. I don't believe that techspansion offers it commercially anymore though so if you want to get a copy you'll have to see what you can find :)

    Links to both programs homepages:

    http://www.techspansion.com/ (source code for VisualHub is available)


    I was introduced to both of these when I switched to mac.....there may be even better programs out there than these two!!!
  7. I suspect you're using dvd-rw disks. Don't think it's the drive.
  8. Since the DVD disc works on Mac, then it's not the burning problem..
    what about the DVD player? can you play other disc on your DVD player? if yes, then the DVD player is ok.

    I think richard tj may be right, there are many kinds of DVDs, like DVD-RW, DVD-R...
  9. Agree, most likely DVD-RW or DVD+R or some format that will not work with you stand alone DVD Player.

    OR, you are burning as a video data file not a real DVD image/format. True DVD file structure will look like:

    22.08.2000 05:53 <DIR> .
    22.08.2000 03:20 <DIR> ..
    22.08.2000 05:23 12'288 VIDEO_TS.BUP
    22.08.2000 05:23 12'288 VIDEO_TS.IFO
    22.08.2000 05:23 333'824 VIDEO_TS.VOB
    22.08.2000 05:23 59'392 VTS_01_0.BUP
    22.08.2000 05:23 59'392 VTS_01_0.IFO
    22.08.2000 05:23 8'192 VTS_01_0.VOB
    22.08.2000 05:27 1'073'643'520 VTS_01_1.VOB
    22.08.2000 05:31 1'073'631'232 VTS_01_2.VOB
    22.08.2000 05:32 104'785'920 VTS_01_3.VOB
    22.08.2000 05:32 88'064 VTS_02_0.BUP
    22.08.2000 05:32 88'064 VTS_02_0.IFO
    22.08.2000 05:32 59'379'712 VTS_02_0.VOB
    22.08.2000 05:36 1'073'436'672 VTS_02_1.VOB
    22.08.2000 05:40 1'073'549'312 VTS_02_2.VOB
    22.08.2000 05:45 1'073'502'208 VTS_02_3.VOB
    22.08.2000 05:49 1'073'371'136 VTS_02_4.VOB
    22.08.2000 05:53 1'073'555'456 VTS_02_5.VOB
    22.08.2000 05:57 810'952'704 VTS_02_6.VOB
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