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My main computer is running Windows Me. My second and third computers are running Windows 98. I have an HP 970 on my Main Computer and in my Network I have Files and Printer Sharing. When I try to add a Network printer in my Windows 98 computers, I click "Browse" but cannot find a network printer. Can anyone offer some help on this?
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  1. try typing in the name of the printer instead of browse, for example if the machine with the printer attatched was called ALF and the printer was called EPSON3000model22A, you would put \\ALF\EPSON3000model22A
    erm, you DID remember to share the printer.

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  2. Thanks, I found my problem. It's called "head-up-and-locked". I didn't have the printer shared.
    Thanks again
  3. Yeah, that "head-up-and-locked" problem gets me all the time. Microsoft was planning on fixing that with Windows XP, but I don't think they're going to get it finished in time for release :)

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