6870 Crossfire issues

Hey everyone
I recently crossfired my 6870's and have encountered some strange problems. My performance with both cards with crossfire enabled is worse than just a single card.
Both cards work perfectly and I am running the latest CCC and application profiles. GPU-Z also recognizes both cards and so does Furmark.
I play on a 21.5 inch display at 1920 by 1080. Most games I play have lost about 30-40 frames when crossfire is enabled; except league of legends where I can only get 1 FPS :cry:

I have no idea what to do V sync is not turned on in any of the games I play. help???? :cry:

ASrock 970 extreme3
AMD FX-8120
2x AMD 6870's(Sapphire and ASUS)
8gb of G.Skill Ram
OCZ ZT 750w PSU.

League of legends
Mass Effect
Starcraft 2
Crysis 2
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  1. Help anyone? Should I just ditch my 2 cards?? O.C my CPU? what should I do I'm so lost. I've reinstalled the drivers 3 times and still nothing seems to work.

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